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Isis Cloudt is a Dutch female Music Producer and DJ, 22 years old and her only passion is music. She breaths music.


When she was ten years old she start remixing music. 3 years later she already took the stage in clubs and at festivals.


Her performance is unique with a highly energetic, raw and dark style you’ve never heard before.

Isis performed at +250 events, and easily adopts to the crowd with unique heavy bass and energetic music styles.


Improvisation, Creating High Energy and freestyling is what she do best. 



LIL Kleine 

Club ikon Antwerp

14 years old


Bizzey and Paul elstak


Favorite Music styles: Bass House, Drum and Bass, Dubstep

Bootshaus dj contest


Versuz Girls like DJ's

on air

Most proud of

  • Blacklist Festival  2023

  • Moksi and Friends  2023

  • Vissa TRIX Antwerp 2023

  • Resident DJ at Bootshaus 2022

  • Bootshaus DJ contest winner BLCKBX  2020

  • World Record DJ Marathon 2020

  • Won the region finals of DJ contest Kunstbende 2019

  • Park City Live 2019

  • Lindefeesten festival with Bizzey and Paul Elstak 2019

  • Own organized Bday bash with Vato Gonzales 2019

  • Top 20 Djane Top 100 NL (11th) 2019

  • SLAM FM Broadcast of her mixtape (National Radio on NL) 2019 

  • Club YOLO (Vietnam) 2017

  • ADE (Amsterdam Music Festival) 2018

  • Lindefeesten Festival with 1500 people (Lil Kleine and Puinhoop Collective) 2018

  • Resident DJ at Van der Valk Hotels (Large hotel chain) 2018- 2019

  • Club Versuz (Belgium) 2016

  • Finals at the Dutch DJ Championships 2015/2016/2017

  • Club IKON (Belgium) 2015

  • 3th place at DJ Contest de Kunstbende 2016/2017

  • B2B withThe Darkraver (Steve Sweet) Club M2 2015

  • Outdoor Festival at Eindhoven 2015

  • Resident DJ @ (NL) 2018

  • Club M2 (Eindhoven) (B2B with the Darkraver) 2016

  • Car tuning event in Denmark 2014

Shared the line-up with:

Isis shared the stage with the following artists:

  • Moksi

  • Opposites

  • Curbi

  • Natte Visstik

  • Vato Gonzalez

  • Childsplay

  • Lil Kleine

  • Puinhoop Collective

  • Bougenvilla

  • Chocalate Puma

  • DJ Alvaro

  • The Darkraver

  • Freddy Moreira

  • Rugged

  • F1rstman

  • Paul Elstak

  • Bizzey

Isis performed in the following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Vietnam

Bootshaus livestream


Isis Cloudt tracks

Isis Cloudt Logo silver
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