• Isis Cloudt


Updated: Jul 4, 2019


Hi, My name is Isis Cloudt and I am 18 years old. Since I was 10 years old I started with my passion DJ, and since 3 years I am making my own music too! I perform at a lot of festivals, clubs and other parties. Making my own music and perform for a lot of people is what I love to do. I put a lot of time in it.

Besides music I study social care. I am very interested in how the human brain works. Why People do what they do, and why People are how they are. I am very interested in positivity lately. And I hope I can bring Positivity to a lot of people.

What you can expect

  • I will tell you about my DJ career and my experience (My Story)

  • The view of others to female DJ's

  • Motivation

  • I will share some things that helps by getting more confident and how to be more positive

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