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Updated: Jul 4, 2019

I want to introduce you to MY STORY. I am 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I’m really passionate about music. I have experienced a lot over the past 7 years as a DJ and Producer.

My career as DJ and as a producer started to get more serious, so after many requests I’ve decided to share my story here.

2012 (10/11 years)

Music has been very important to me my whole life. I danced a lot as little kid while I sang along with all the songs. My real passion for music developed when I was 10 years old. I started mixing EDM music on my DJ controller, wich I received as a gift from my parents, for my 10th birthday. I had a lot of fun with it and mixing made me happy, so it kind of became an adicction. After a DJ course I became even more enthusiastic. I was practicing in my bedroom daily. I could play for hours with the beats from DJ Chuckie and Afrojack. At the time I already had my own preferences for music. I also started playing music for my friends, for example on my own birthday.

Why I started as a DJ?

I started DJ’ing because I received a DJ controller as a gift for my 10th birthday, from my parents. This was the first time I found out what DJ was really about and how it worked. I was very interested and curious about it, so I took some DJ lessons. At the time I never thought it would become something serious. I hear a lot of people think: you aren’t that famous and why would you call it something serious? I think you don’t have to be famous while being seriously working on something you really want. I just really like what I am doing right now, it makes me happy and even though I am really busy, it’s with something I love to do. When I am not doing my homework, you can find me in my studio making music in Ableton Live or practising new DJ techniques.

Besides all that, I also just live for the music. When I was younger I wasn’t a kid that searched for attention in class. I had a lot of friends, but I was always shy. I was always busy worrying about what other people thought of me. This held me back from a lot of things. The moment I began with DJ, I felt like I could really be myself. And to be honest with you guys, I am still busy with what other people think of me and I am still the quiet one in class. But I’m learning, step by step, how to not care about this. Because I think when you do, it’s just a waste of your time. It can benefit you a lot more when you put that energy in something else, something important, something you love. In my case: producing and making new music.

Some motivation that helps me:


There is nothing more difficult than navigating your life, especially when you base it on somebody else’s opinion. Should you actually care about what somebody says about you, if you do this thing, or say this or act a certain way? No, because eventough it may not be easy to believe, it doesn’t matter what they think. People who judge you probably have no idea what is actually happening in your life. And most of the time their negative comments or thoughts are developed by their own insecurities. So are you really not gonna live your life, because of that?


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